Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

“My family has used the services of North Coast Limo (NCL) for over 15 years and we can truly say their service has been consistently excellent! While we use Uber and taxis sometimes, we use NCL for all of our most important rides (e.g., airport) because we can count on them and we can plan ahead.
Their cars are great and the drivers are all personable and excellent. It is more satisfying to have a company that knows you and who you are than to call a stranger all the time. If you like to plan your services ahead of time, then using NCL makes even more sense than other services.
We find that for the longer rides, NCL rates are much more reasonable and lower than Uber or taxis. As we all look for good prices and dependability, we think NCL is worth your trying as your go-to transportation service provider”

Tim A – San Elijo Hills, CA.

“I’ve been using North Coast Limo for several years now. It doesn’t matter if it’s to San Diego, John Wayne, or LAX, they are always super prompt (normally 5 minutes early!), friendly, with a clean car, comfortable, and quiet vehicle and excellent service. I recommend them to anyone I know that needs a ride and plan to continue using their service long into the future!”

David Coulter.

“I contacted North Coast Limousine for a girls day at the wineries. I was greeted by a pleasant representative who had great suggestions for a fun filled day that would maximize the use of the limousine with a well mapped out plan to visit many wineries. This company definitely provides first class service. They were punctual, professional, pleasant, and so accommodating. The drive was comfortable and All of us ladies were treated so nicely.

I have done the winery tour buses, which can be fun, but to set your own schedule and not have to be on other people “time” is definitely the way to go. The rates are reasonable and the experience is more than just a car ride.

I highly recommend using North Coast Limousines for your transportation needs.

Thank you North Coast Limousine!”

Tina Nickle.